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Name: Waters ACQUITY I-Class UPLC
Instrument state: Normal
Instrument instructions:
1、 Start up:
1.1. Prepare fresh mobile phase and cleaning solution;
1.2. Turn on the computer power and enter Windows 7 operating system;
1.3. Turn on the power supply of SM-FTN and QSM, after each component has passed the self-test (the run status light on the right side of the power status light changes from red to off);
1.4. Double-click the desktop empower icon, enter the user name and password to enter the Empower 3 Quick Start interface (default user name: system password: Manager);
1.5. Open the UPLC console (icon in the running sample interface, Sample Manager-FTN control panel lower right corner;
1.6. QSM pump and SM-FTN Sample Manager start preparation operation (see details);
1.7. Set the flow rate of about 0.2 mL / min for 100% pure acetonitrile or methanol, Flush the detection cell for 5 min;
1.8. Turn on the power supply of TUV (PDA);
1.9. After the detector passes the self-test, control > Reset to reset the communication of the detector in the console interface menu;
1.10. Set the temperature of the column incubator and balance the system with the initial flow rate of instrument method, for example, 0.2 mL / min flow rate balance system;
1.11. Create a method group in empower 3 software, call the instrument method to monitor the baseline, and wait for the system pressure to stabilize (generally the pressure fluctuation is less than 50 psi), the baseline After stabilization, the sample was injected for UPLC analysis experiment;
1.12. Data processing of empower 3 software;
1.13. Result report of empower 3 software.
2、Requirements for start up:
2.1. Preparation for mobile phase and cleaning solution;
2.2. Prepare operations for UPLC I-Class star up;
2.3. Precautions for sample preparation;
3、Shutdown operation:
3.1. If buffer salt or acid solution is used in the experiment, the chromatographic column and system shall be cleaned with high proportion of pure water such as 90% water solution, and the flushing volume shall be at least 100 times of the column volume;
3.2. When the buffer salt in the system is washed clean, use appropriate proportion of acetonitrile or methanol / water solution such as 60 / 40 to flush the system 50 times of the column volume (adjustable according to the situation);
3.3. Flush the system with pure organic solvent (acetonitrile or methanol) for 50 times of column volume (adjusted according to the situation). If the system is shut down for a long time for more than 7 days, flush the whole system with pure methanol for 10 minutes;
3.4. Slowly reduce the flow rate to zero, turn off UPLC control, Empower windows, and log out Empower work station;
3.5. Turn off TUV/PDA detector, QSM manager and SM-FTN sample managers power in turn;
3.6. Turn off PC and power.

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