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(Electrochemical Courarray Detector)

Name: ESA CoulArray Ⅲ (Electrochemical Courarray Detector)
Instrument state: Normal
Instrument instructions:
1. Select "cell", fix electrodes A and B, and confirm that the detection system has no leakage and blockage;
2. Open the high performance liquid chromatography, set the working parameters, change and start the mobile phase;
3. Turn on the detector switch;
4. Open the software "coularraywin", click "data acquisition", and set the working potential software parameters;
5. When the working potential reaches the equilibrium state;
6. Click “run” → “acquire”, enter “enter method name” and set the number of record files;
7. Set the standard curve sequence “level”;
8. Click “run” and the system will enter the ready analysis state;
9. Set the injection procedure;
10. Automatically run the procedure of injection and analysis;
11. Turn off the potential and disconnect the power supply of the detector.

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